Air Fryer Pork Ribs

Tender, super flavorful pork ribs in air fryer are done in 35 minutes with barely any prep!

You will need...

Baby Back Ribs Rib Rub BBQ Sauce

Step 1

Preheat the air fryer to 350°F. As it's heating, pat dry the pork ribs, then cut them into 4 equal portions.

Step 2

Combine all of the rib rub seasonings in a small bowl, and season each side of the ribs generously.

Step 3

Spray the air fryer basket well with cooking spray, then place the ribs on the rack so they don't overlap. Cook for 30 minutes, flipping the ribs halfway.

Step 4

Once the 30 minutes are up, brush the ribs liberally with barbecue sauce, then cook another five minutes.

Step 5

Remove from the air fryer, slice, and serve!